At Creative Credit Solutions, we pride ourselves on what our clients think about our program. We have helped many clients over the years achieve their goals whether it be home ownership, buying a car, finding a better job, or simply holding their heads high knowing they can look forward to a life with better credit. We would like to do the same for you!

"I have been with Creative Credit Solutions for about 4 months now and they have improved my credit by 60%. My husband had been with them for about 2 months and he has seen 30% of his credit get restored. Thanks!"
Lisa, January 17
""Creative Credit Solutions definitely works!, When my loan officer referred me, I had quite a few derogatory accounts. My credit score was 490 which is very low. Now after a few months of working with Creative Credit Solutions, all three of my credit scores have received huge increases. I can now qualify for just about anything I apply for. They work very fast and efficiently. I will continue to refer my friends and family."
Christian, December 29
"I would absolutely recommend Creative Credit Solutions to friends and family! My experience thus far has been exactly as it was outlined by those who recommended the service to me. Both my husband and I have seen a large improvement in our credit scores in the short time we've been with the company."
Melanie, March 10
"I am very thankful for your company. You guys have done a tremendous job with my credit profile. When I started doing business with your company I was dissatisfied with the results from a previous company. With Creative Credit Solutions, I had a total of 10 negative items and, in 7 months, I only have 1 item remaining. Thank You so much!"
Theo, March 23
"I have been a customer of Creative Credit Solutions for many months. Prior to joining, I made sure to investigate the company through third-party sources and internet access. I am pleased to be able to say that during this time, they were responsible for an increase in my credit score of nearly 200 points. There were many, many inconsistencies and errors on my credit reports which they were able to weed out, repair and have removed. You have my sincere gratitude and appreciation."
Steve, October 23
"My experience with Creative Credit Solutions has been a blessing to say the least. You have given me the tools, the persistence, and understanding to get me back in position to purchase yet another home. Even though I had owned two prior houses, my retirement home was much more difficult to attain than I had anticipated. Thanks, Creative Credit Solutions for all the help! I have and will continue to recommend your services to others."
Joe, June 02
"My husband and I were trying to buy a home for our family, and we knew our credit wasn't so great. We were referred to Creative Credit Solutions by our realtor. Since we started working with them, we have seen dramatic increases in our credit score.  I want to thank the Creative Credit Solutions team for their hard work to make this all possible.
Vanessa, November 19
"After joining Creative Credit Solutions, my improvement has been fantastic, I have been approved for car loans, house loans, and personal loans in less than a year. Thanks Creative Credit Solutions"
David, October 29
"I would like to thank the team at Creative Credit Solutions for helping me to restore my credit. Justin Mirche was great and helpful."
Debra, October 25
"Creative Credit Solutions was very helpful in raising my credit score over 100 points and Justin was a great agent always willing to go the extra mile. I will be telling friends and family about them who need credit repair help!!"
Manuel, October 9
"Creative Credit Solutions has really kept their word in their efforts to improve my credit." I subscribed to services and in 4 months my credit has improved by 75%! I could never have done this by myself."
Kinshea, April 23