At Creative Credit Solutions, we pride ourselves on what our clients think about our program. We have helped many clients over the years achieve their goals whether it be home ownership, buying a car, finding a better job, or simply holding their heads high knowing they can look forward to a life with better credit. We would like to do the same for you!

I have been in contact with many credit restoration companies and out of all of them, I feel most comfortable referring my clients to Wendell Cox. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with any of the other companies, but Wendell has impressed me with his high level of service and attention to detail.
Scott Bryant, September 3
I am beyond satisfied with the continuous customer service and results that Justin has show. I have been working with Justin for only 7 months and all I can say is WOW!! Very happy! Thank you Creative Credit Solutions!
Chelby Mark, May 3
Great customer service! Integrity and honesty makes this company my #1.
Fernando Suarez, September 16
Justin has extensive knowledge regarding credit consulting and he provides prompt feedback for clients. I definitely recommend his services.
Dawn Cook Ferreiro, August 17
The Credit Restoration Experts, specifically Justin Mirche, were invaluable at not only restoring my credit, but restoring my sense of confidence by eliminating my fear of rejection that most feel when their credit score is not to standard. Justin and his team were instrumental with helping me get my credit to a respectable level, and soon thereafter, were key to my ability to reapply for home loan and get approved.
Rob Salcido, August 26
Wow! I can't say enough amazing things about Justin's team. I am a local realtor and one of my clients was referred to Justin by the lender I do a lot of my deals with. He was able to get down payment assistance, while he was under contract to purchase his first home. I saw what wonders Justin can work when the client cooperates & listens to everything that needs to be done. I also personally recently used CCS for myself. Although my score was able to qualify form my new home, I wanted to get the best possible interest rate I could. I sought. Justin's help to get me there. He was able to remove ALL old collections off of my credit report. Keep in mind, this is a team effort. Justin can't do this without clients doing their part as well. I can't even begin to tell you how beneficial he has been for me and my clients.
M. Barata, February 24
Justin & his team are amazing. No matter whether it is a small matter or whether you have complicated issues with your credit, he can help guide you through them and get them corrected. Absolutely outstanding service & communication throughout. Thank you guys for what you do!
Christopher Tucker, September 30
In an industry riddled with incompetence Justin & his team at Creative Credit Solutions are spectacular and absolutely refreshing. Highly professional at all times; well in control of the file& the strategy! Even in the face of the unexpected Justin is calm and prepared getting my clients to the finish line. If it can be done - They are the team to make it happen! EVERY client in need will be referred with great confidence! 
Heidi Marsh, October 7
Professional, kind, informative and worked diligently in assisting me in my credit restoration process. The proof is in the +20 average increase within 2 months. Awesome!
Shawn Rainey Hope, October 8
Justin really went above and beyond for me and my family. There were so many steps I wasn't sure of and things that didn't make sense on my credit report. He explained everything to me, did the legwork and helped me figure out how to get myself in the best position possible to buy our house. We couldn't have made this big purchase without his help!
Kelly Rodriguez Andrus, October 9
Justin and his team not only achieved great results for me, but he was also a pleasure to work with throughout the process. I highly recommend using their services. Thank you guys!
Berel Slavin, September 25
Justin and his team are amazing, very knowledgeable. We are first time home buyers and contacted him to help us fix quite a few issues with my credit. They were able to do everything and more to get us where we needed to be and now we are purchasing our first home!
Brandon Grumbeck, January 28
Justin is very experienced and knowledgeable about improving credit scores specifically for mortgage approval. I refer my clients to him and know that they will get individual attention and a customized plan for their specific needs. I highly recommend his services.
Yen Munoz, December 8
Justin and his team are professional, friendly, really down to earth and helpful! They helped raise my credit enough to be approved for a mortgage, something I thought would never happen. Cannot recommend this team enough!
Janell Evans, November 13
Justin, you have been a breath of fresh air compared to other companies. He not only got my credit score up over 200 points in 4 months, he also guided me in showing me stp by step whait I could do to help myself in future situations. His team was able to remove any and All negative remarks on my credit. I would refer and personally guarantee that this team can and will help you! Now, I'm off to purchase my first home! Thanks again, Justin!
Nathan King, November 23
Justin and his team are awesome and they get the job done. My husband and I have had credit restoration in the past and have never seen the results we've seen with Justin. He kept ups updated every step of the way and within 2 weeks we found a house, and closed in 3 weeks. I am eternally grateful to Justin and his team because without them our dreams would not have been fulfilled. He's affordable and worth so much more! These are real results in such a short time. If you're looking to make a change I strongly recommend you contact Creative Credit Solutions.
Tiffany Antoine, November 14
Justin and his team did a terrific job with my credit rehabilitation. My score improved drastically in just a few months and his service helped my family purchase our first home! Thank you Justin!
Mark Schmitz, November 13
Justin and his team are amazing! Communication and professionalism is 10. Justin worked a miracle for me and my husband in a very short time frame. I will definitely use him again as well as refer all my friends and family. Thank you so much. I pray God continues to bless you.
Tameeca Coffman, November 11
Justin and his team are absolutely AMAZING and super informative! They helped raise my credit score over 100 pints in less than 60 days and got me approved for a brand new construction mortgage loan! I highly recommend their professional services if you're seeking a dedicated team to work for you!
Shana Burney, October 30