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Frequently Asked Questions

Bad credit is not something you have to live with, and good credit is not something you have to dream about.  Good Credit is within your reach.  Below are answers to some frequently asked questions.

I'm ready to sign up right now. How do I do it?

It all starts with a credit analysis, which you can get by visiting our Sign Up page or calling us at 1-800-920-8536. We're different from our competition in that every one of our clients receives individual attention from Creative Credit Solutions. We formulate a customized plan of action based on your specific needs. No two clients are alike!

How much does bad credit cost?

Example 1: $23,000 Vehicle Financed for 5 Years

Example 2: Home Loan of $120,000 over 30 years

Example 3: Credit Cards

How long does it take?

What if removed items reappear?

Is this legal?

What is a credit score?

What is my credit score based on?

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